So, it's been 10 weeks since I last blogged. Sorry about that. Sometimes life gets in the way of even the best blogging intentions. So this post is a recap of the things that have happened since my last post.

1. My sister had her first baby! He was born May 21 at 2:34 AM. Measured in at 9 lb 7 oz and 21 in long. Mom and I drove down to spend some time with them. (Kudos to Matt who stayed with the boys for three days! When I came home the dishes were done and the laundry was folded!) Here's a pic of me with baby Elias John Tapp. I'm so proud of my new nephew and his mom and dad!

2. Gas prices have gone up like $1 a gallon. Does anybody remember when gas was $1.89/gallon. Seriously.

3. Matt turned 30! His birthday was May 20. Our family and friends worked together to throw him a surprise party. It was a blast! Here he is about to blow out the candles. He makes 30 look good, doesn't he?

4. I've done about 67 loads of laundry. Read this post to know why that matters to me.

5. I started a new Mary Kay business! I've been a Mary Kay consultant for 2 months, but my business has been open for about a month. I am really loving the opportunity -- having a reason to get dressed every day and being out with people so much. It has been an adjustment for both me and the boys, but I am so blessed to be surrounded by supportive family. And we're already reaping the benefits of Mom's extra cash flow -- so far Mary Kay has bought the boys swim lessons and passports for the our upcoming vacation! Here are some of the awards I've already earned.

6. The cicadas have taken over the world. I've never seen so many bugs in one place before. Wikipedia assures me they are not classified as "pests" but I beg to differ.

7. My boys have grown right before my very eyes. It is such a blessing to overhear them playing together in the next room. I pray they continue to be each other's best friend. Azlan is in the thick of toddlerhood; yesterday between naptime and dinner, he played in the toilet, emptied one of my kitchen cabinets, and spilled red Gatorade on the carpet. Patriot has become so independent he can turn on the TV and set up the Wii all by himself. You should hear him sing "Come Sail Away" on Wii American Idol. What big boys!

Each season of motherhood has it's joys and it's trials. Hopefully this season for me will include a few more blog posts.