Patriot got to go to the hospital this morning and have surgery. We had a hydrocelectomy (kind of like a hernia) done at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. If you live anywhere near Cincinnati, I'd recommend this hospital. Our entire experience was terrific!

We took a tour of the same-day surgery area on Thursday. They explained everything in terms Patriot understood and let us practice all of the "getting ready" tests, so Patriot (and his parents) knew what to expect this morning. We went into the "sleepy air" room and Patriot was able to smell the different scents of "sleepy air." Then we went into the "wake-up room" where they had a doll hooked up to an IV and Patriot was able to touch all of the hoses he'd have hooked up. It was a fun time and Patriot was looking forward to going back to the "hostible" this morning.

Today went just as well. We got all of our tests done, into our hospital PJs and socks, and were watching Dora in no time. They brought us toys and told us stories about Spiderman. The nurses were kind, attentive, and fun. The anesthesiologist came in and gently told us all of the risks and answered all of our questions. Just on time, they escorted us to the sleepy air room. Patriot got a little nervous here because everyone had on their surgical scrubs, masks, and hairnets, but Matt held him in his lap and I sang him songs while the nurses did their jobs. Soon he was asleep and we headed to the waiting room.

About 45 minutes later, the doctor came and told us the surgery went fine and Patriot was rousing in the recovery room. We were allowed in 10 minutes later and Patriot was just waking. Within minutes he had a Popsicle and we were reading books. Within the hour they removed his IV, we dressed him, and he got to ride in a racecar wheelchair out to our car.

He's rested well today. He ate some Jell-o and crackers for lunch, took a long nap, and had 3 more Popsicles. He did get a little anxious when we told him it was time to go to sleep for his nap. Last time he went to sleep he woke up with an IV in a recovery room! But we convinced him everything would be OK. We ordered Chinese for dinner and he ate a little rice, but by this time the medication was beginning to wear off and he was starting to feel uncomfortable. We pushed some Tylenol down him, watched a little college football and sent him to bed.

I've been warned that tomorrow will probably be a worse day. He'll be more sore and the medication from the surgery will be completely out of his system. I'm prepared for that. What I'm not prepared for is his teething baby brother. Who's cruel joke is it that Azlan is teething this weekend? Maybe we could get him some sleepy air . . .
2 Responses
  1. Jocelyn Says:

    so glad everything went well, what a brave little guy! i have prayed for your tomorrow before i wrote this, hope it goes well :o)

  2. Joni Says:

    Oh, I cried when I saw the pictures of him in the hospital gown! I'm so glad everything went ok! Patriot, you are such a brave boy! Aunt Joni is so proud of you!!! Aunt Joni is proud of Mommy and Daddy too, who were very brave as well. Great job dealing with a hard situation! I love you!