With Thanksgiving only a week away, many of us are planning our menus, scheduling our family visits, and making our shopping lists for next Friday. I'd like us all to take a moment to remember the real star of Thanksgiving: the turkey.

Take this Turkey Trivia Quiz and let me know how you do. I got 9 of 20 right.
6 Responses
  1. Matt McKee Says:

    I got 8 right. I am not as smart as my wife.

  2. JTapp Says:

    I got 11 right. All the historical stuff. Didn't know they could fly at 55 mph, though. That's nuts.

  3. Joni Says:

    Wow, I got 12 right, most of which were lucky guesses. I reign supreme in the Turkey Challenge so far! :)

  4. Mom Says:

    Well, I guess I'm definitely the "turkey" in this family. I only got 7 right.

  5. Jocelyn Says:

    11 right, with about half answered by my very bright kindergartener, including the year of the first thanksgiving! (kindergarten is good for something, j/k)

  6. I got 11, but several lucky guesses as well! :)