The weather man was forecasting a 100% chance of snow for Wednesday, so we gathered our snow gear Tuesday and made big snow play plans. Here are the pics.

I have a couple of observations:
1. Can anyone tell me why baby snow gear is so difficult to put on? I guess they want to make it hard for the baby to take off. We spent 40 minutes getting dressed and only played for 60 minutes. That almost doesn't seem worth it.
2. My kids had so much fun just riding around our yard in a sled. Sometimes we work so hard to find complicated ways to entertain our children and often they enjoy basic play as much as anything.
3. I just love the peaceful feel of fresh snow. It is so beautiful to stand outside while snow falls around you. You hear very little noise, maybe a breaking branch or the rustle of a squirrel. Even the air smells different, like wet chimney smoke. Thank you, God, for winter.
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