While I was teaching Sunday School today I had a 2nd grade girl flip me the bird.
3 Responses
  1. Starr Says:

    Oh. My. Sounds like she needs a good Sunday School teacher. :-) Hope the Lord shows you how to reach her! Middle finger and all!

  2. JTapp Says:

    And you did what in response?

  3. Jessica Says:

    We had been having a conversation about doing what the Bible tells us to do (a la James 1:22), so I had asked them to give me some examples. She decided to show me an example of what the Bible tell us NOT to do.

    I explained that the Bible teaches us to treat each other with respect and love, and doing that doesn't show respect or love. Thus, we should not do it.

    She proceeded to start the "But what if" line of questioning, like: What if I hurt my finger and I put it in my mouth? etc. I told her to ask her parents.

    I then announced that we would have no more middle finger talk during today's class.