We had a great time for Halloween last night. Here are some pics!

We made these pumpkin shirts ourselves! (Idea from Family Fun Magazine) First the boys helped put the rubber bands on the shirts to tie-dye them. Then we each picked out a pumpkin face online and I stenciled them on the shirts using fabric markers. Pretty cool family project, but Matt was called the dorkiest dad on the street so he says he'll never wear his again.
Here's Super Mario and Froggie just before Trick or Treating. Aren't they cute?
This is after the festivities and Mario, Froggie, and Frankenboy (Cousin Caedmon) are in a candy stupor. But none of them wanted to take off their costumes . . .
4 Responses
  1. misty Says:

    came across your blog today & wanted to comment & say hi. and super cute shirts! i will have to remember those for next year.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Matt who wears plaid pants is worried about a Halloween shirt??? HA! :)

    Happy late birthday - hope your hubby passed along my wishes yesterday. I can't believe you are not on Facebook girl!

    Love you! Cute pics!

  3. Ditto on sarah's comment about Matt! HaHa!

    Cute kiddos! Ours was Raggedy Ann! I love little ones dressed up.

  4. Mom Says:

    The boys looked so cute!! They are getting so big I can hardly believe it. Thanks so much for the pictures.