These have been the rules of our family lately:

1. You may not shoot out your car window.
2. Never punch a dragon.
3. No skydiving off the top of the stairs.
4. Don't hit your brother in the head, face, or ears.
5. You have to finish your french fries before you can have candy.
6. No more hanging from the garage door.

I'm such a good parent.
2 Responses
  1. Joni Says:

    OH MY GOODNESS! I'm totally cracking up! Are they seriously skydiving off the stairs and hanging from the garage door? Ugh... I don't want mine to grow up!

  2. My mom had to establish some creative rules for me and my brother (don't think you ever met him. I think he had already graduated when you moved to S.C.) Her number one rule for us was "no fighting with cane poles on the ridge line of the roof" (seriously - we did that, on a three story split level house!) The second rule was "no sliding down the stairs on my good baking sheets". The third rule was "no shooting your brother/sister with the pellet gun/bb gun/sling shot/compound bow". I hope you never have to specify such rules!