I enjoy most parts of the Christmas season. However, some traditions I could live without and my Christmas would not be ruined. Those are the things I do kind of halfway -- for example, decorating the Christmas tree. Just doesn't mean much to me. So we let the kids put the ornaments on and they're all in one heavily decorated part of the tree. I considered rearranging them so the tree is evenly covered, but I just don't care that much. Honestly, our tree could be bare and I'd be fine with that.

There are a few, kind of strange, parts of this season that I just love and am willing to put extra effort into. Be prepared, it's an unusual list, but these are the things that make my season bright (besides my family, of course).

1. Wreaths - I have an unexplainable affinity for wreaths. We have a wreath on almost every door of our house. (Couldn't find the wreath for the downstairs bathroom door this year. I personally think Matt "lost" it in the storage shed. I fear next year he might "lose" another, just to harass me.) Our indoor wreaths are very simple, just the greenery and a bow. Our front door wreaths have some pine cones, but that's it. No reason to mess with God's natural beauty. Our wreaths are artificial, but I daydream about filling the house with live wreaths . . . maybe someday.

2. Bows/Ribbons - I adore beautifully wrapped presents under a tree. (Shoot, I like any present with my name on it, but that's a different story.) Last year I found a Bowdabra on sale and used it to make a few bows -- I was hooked. I determined that this year I would make all my bows, no pre-made bows for me. I'll admit that it's taking longer to wrap gifts, but I think it's so worth it. I also like to decorate the house with ribbon and bows, so I have them tied to the banister and on every wreath. Something about brightly colored ribbon just feels like Christmas to me.

3. Photo Christmas Cards - I love receiving Christmas cards in the mail. We so rarely send snail mail anymore, but the tradition of Christmas cards is classic. The artistic cards with beautiful covers and rhyming prose are meaningful, but I get so excited to receive photo Christmas cards. Even if it's someone I just saw yesterday, I like looking at their picture on their Christmas card. I especially like cards with the entire family included in the photo, but I'll admit that our card this year only has the kids (it's so hard getting everyone looking at the camera and smiling at the same time!). I confess that I find it a real hassle to send photo Christmas cards and consider not doing it every year, but I like receiving them so much that I always talk myself into sending them.

So there's insight into some of the little things that make my season bright. I also adore Christmas music and movies, that's a trait handed down from my mother which I hope to hand down to my boys (although even the 5yo fought me listening to Christmas music in early November). We also have our Christmas village that I'll discuss in another post.

What makes your season bright? And what could you live without during the Christmas season?
5 Responses
  1. Matt McKee Says:

    I didn't lose it on purpose but I can't say that I've looked that hard for it since I brought in the box either.

    I love the wreaths that make my season bright as well.

  2. Starr Says:

    I love getting photo cards too! (But have never sent one of our family. Tsk, tsk. I know.) I keep the photo cards each year and put even the old ones out at Christmas. My husband thinks it's weird to save them but I like to see how the kids change from year to year!

  3. Jan Says:

    It's sad that I've only seen two Christmas movies so far this year. But, one of them was "White Christmas", so at least I've hit one of the staples.
    I guess you got the tree thing from me, too. My tree still doesn't have any ornaments on it, just lights and an angel on top. I'm going to get around to putting a few ornaments on it this week.
    And keep those Christmas cards coming!!

  4. I love the photo cards too....even have a special scrapbook where I keep everyone's family christmas photos they send ....yours included. I love looking at how all the kids have grown....and hate to think of throwing them away. Ahh! So, I created the "other families" scrapbook.

    I love looking at Christmas lights too....and I'm glad to see my little one does too!

    It's so silly, but I always have to watch A Christmas Story every year.....I totally see my Dad and uncle when I watch that movie.....can't help but giggle.

  5. Joni Says:

    My problem with photo Christmas cards is that I don't want to keep them, but it feels wrong to throw them away at the end of the season! So what to do with them? Still haven't reconciled that answer yet...

    I guess I got a freak tree gene from some obscure branch of our lineage, because our tree is one of the most important things to me. And it's not a pretty tree with matching ornaments or a theme. It's a mish-mash of ornaments I've collected throughout the years, most of which have a story or I can remember who gave it to me. That's part of why it's so special to me, I suppose.