We had our first snow day of the year on Tuesday, so we decided to have a Snow Party to celebrate. I jumped on Family Fun's website and got a bunch of great ideas. We had a wonderful day!

We started by making an indoor snowman. We wrapped boxes in white felt (leftover from our Christmas village) and taped on felt facial features. The boys were especially excited that he wouldn't melt.

Next we built indoor snow forts by draping batting over some chairs. Not high tech, but the kids had fun. Then we crumpled up pages from a magazine I had in the recycling bin and called them snowballs. Check out this intense snowball fight!

After all that snow play, we needed a snack. We made these snowman-on-a-stick treats with marshmallows and drank hot chocolate, of course.

We ended our party watching Snow Buddies, which Azlan got from Santa this year. We sat in the snow fort to watch the movie and even eat lunch! We had a great snow day and I didn't freeze to death - or have to deal with all the snow gear.

They've already canceled school for tomorrow -- guess I'll have to bust out the snow cream recipe!
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  1. JDTapp Says:

    I was waiting for "and the boys shoveled the driveway."