I started a new, real, paying job in February. Now that both kids are in school a couple days a week, and I have this college degree, and there are things I like to do besides laundry and cleaning (sarcasm), I thought maybe I could do some of those things and use that degree. A friend of ours at church works with a young company that needs some PR work done for them, so we managed to work out an arrangement where I work from home two days a week. I write press releases and a monthly in-house newsletter. I manage their news archives and Twitter feed. I help them find opportunities to build relationships and promote their product. It is good, and they pay me.

Unfortunately, I have run into a bit of an identity crisis. When people ask "What do you do?" I've always easily and proudly answered "I'm a full-time wife and mom." However, this job has opened me up to the possibility that I might someday re-enter the work force full time. Not because we need the money, but because I like PR work and I'm good at it (which are not feelings I always have about mothering *sigh*).

So now when the question is posed to me, should I say "I'm a part-time PR rep."? Although that's accurate, there's a piece of me that says "If I'm a part-time worker, does that make me a part-time mom?" I don't want to be a part-time mom -- I am a mom all the time, it is who I am.

I also don't like the answer, "I'm a working mom." because, seriously, I work two days a week from home. I have total respect for the women who are able to manage full-time jobs and their mothering and household duties -- I have no idea how they do it. I do not qualify for their ranks.

My conclusion is that I am a woman with no labels. I wear many hats, as most women do. I wake up every day and try to love my husband and kids the best I can, contribute to the world in a positive way, and follow God with all my heart. There is a sense of freedom in ridding myself of a label. I feel like God could lead me anywhere, and I'm ready to follow.

So if you ask me "What do you do?" I hope you have some time to kill. My answer may not be simple, and it may change depending on the day. I think I like it that way.
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  1. Starr Says:

    Totally, totally feel ya on this post. I work 2 days a week as well. I really haven't settled on an answer. I think I tweak my answer depending on if I'm talking to the stay at home mom crowd or the working mom crowd. :-)