As any mom will tell you, the strangest stains and spots can suddenly appear around your house. I've found one product that I use on almost anything: Bar Keeper's Friend. It's a powder that comes in a can and is labeled as a "cleanser and polish." I have a white porcelain sink and BKF immediately removes any food or pan stains. My mother-in-law uses it on her glass cooktop almost every day without a single scratch. I've found only one spot that it hasn't removed (a weird water spot where one of my faucets leaks).

The only local place to get it is Wal-Mart (sorry to all those Wal-Mart haters). However, there is a BKF website where you can order the original and several other varieties of BKF. I think I might try the Lime and Rust Remover on that water spot.

This product is toxic, so you'll want to keep it away from the kiddos. But you'll want to keep it close so you can use it often.
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