I didn't think I needed an Apple iPhone. I'm not a high-powered executive who needs to be "plugged in" all the time. I'm not a giggly teenager who needed to text "OMG!" to her "BFF" every twenty minutes. I'm not a tech geek who needs to have the latest thing just because it's the latest thing.

However, Matt let me goof around with his phone and I realized it really could be useful. So when the iPhone 3G came out last month, I used some of my Mary Kay earnings and bought one for Matt, and I took his hand-me-down.

I've now had my iPhone for a month and I LOVE it.

Like so many of you, I wear a lot of hats and this phone is useful in each of my roles.

As a mom, I love that I can download YouTube videos on my phone. This means that while we're waiting in the world's longest line at the grocery store, I can entertain the children with Sesame Street or Veggie Tales videos. I can also download age-appropriate games on my phone, so we can play match games or draw pictures while we sit in the doctor's waiting room. And I don't have to lug around a giant bag of stuff to entertain the kids.

As a wife, I love that I can text or e-mail Matt anytime, anywhere. And it's cool to be able to Google from my phone, so we can settle arguments about "who sings this song?" quickly and accurately.

As a Bible Study leader, I love that I've downloaded the application YouVersion, which allows me to carry the entire Bible on my phone. I can search verses or keywords, switch back and forth between versions, and even sort through commentary about particular verses. This application also gives me a daily Bible reading each day.

As a Mary Kay Consultant, I love that I've downloaded my customer list on my phone. So, with just a couple of clicks, I can have any customer's phone number, address, and directions to her address from my current location. Yes, my phone tracks where I am (similar to a GPS, but not as good -- the 3G actually has GPS). I can also check e-mails and my personal web site no matter where I am, so I can stay in communication with my customers. Plus, since my phone is also an iPod, I can download training MP3s and inspirational songs and listen to them anytime.

As me (like I get "me" time!), I love the application eBooks. I have to admit this was the application I was most skeptical about, but I really love it. eBooks is a web site that sells electronic books. You set up a Bookshelf and then purchase books to add to your Bookshelf. My phone connects to that Bookshelf and downloads my purchased books. Books still cost $5-$25 each, but they stay on your Bookshelf even after you've read them. I thought I'd miss holding a book and turning pages, but this mimics page-turning and the practicality of not needing a physical book is wonderful.

This is what I love about my iPhone after about a month. They are always coming out with new applications, so I'm sure I'll find even more stuff to love about it. With Christmas just a few months away (ugh! it pains me a little to type that), I'd recommend Moms look into asking for one. You won't regret it.
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