The other day I was cleaning up after lunch and Steven Curtis Chapman's song "Cinderella" came on the radio. This song tells the story of a father dancing with his daughter at different stages of her life. It reminds me that my children will grow up quickly and we should take time to enjoy them at every stage, because we know that soon this stage will be gone.

Well, I was not having one of those "enjoying them" moments. They were pulling dishes back out of the dishwasher, tugging at my skirt hem, screaming about this and that, and generally driving me crazy. We've all been there.

But hearing this song inspired me. I wiped my hands and decided to take time to dance with my boys there in the kitchen. I took Patriot's-3yr hands and began to lead him in a waltz around the room. Against his resistance, I tried to spin him and twirl with him. He freaked out and refused to cooperate.

"He used to love to dance with me," I remembered. "Maybe he's just too old now. I'll try with Azlan-1yr."

So I took Azlan's hands and tried to waltz with him. He, of course, followed his brother's lead and would have nothing to do with it. So my feelings got a little hurt and I asked them why they wouldn't dance with Mommy.

Patriot responded, "We'll dance with you Mommy, but that's not how you dance. You should dance like this." And he proceeded to breakdance on my kitchen rug. He was spinning and kicking. I think he might have even done the inchworm at one point. After a few moments, Azlan joined in and they were both cavorting around my kitchen. Looked like if I was going to dance with my boys, it would have to be a breakdance instead of a waltz. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, so we breakdanced through Steven Curtis Chapman's beautiful "Cinderella."

I think boys are really different than girls. And I think we're going to limit how much "So You Think You Can Dance?" we'll let the boys watch next season.
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  1. Joni Says:

    I think this is hilarious, especially considering the video Matt posted on his blog today! I sure wish I could be a fly on the wall at your house... ENDLESS entertainment!

  2. Jean Says:

    I don't think the breakdancing is limited to boys because Gabi and Dani both broke out in the Robot and Running man at dinner this evening. (At TGI Fridays)

    Very rarely do they "slow dance". I think it is the generation, if you can't go a million miles an hour, why dance.

    (I pray that the "fast dances last for all 3 of the girls until they are WELL into their teen years! I think Sam may be entering the "Slow Dance" realm; and this makes my heart yearn for the "Fast Dances" she used to do at FC without feeling self conscience or worrying about looking stupid. AHH... the good old days!)

    Jean :o)

  3. He he! Glad you were able to join in! :)

    The Broken Man