My big boy started preschool last week.

The first day was orientation, so Matt and I went with him, but last Wednesday was his first day at school without us. It was the weirdest thing being at home and thinking, "My son is at school right now." His class is called Barkley's Bunch and it's all 3-year-olds.

Here his is with his teacher, Mrs. Beth. You can see Mrs. Annette in the background. She's the room assistant.

He's enjoying school and tells me all about the letter (R), color (red), and shape (rectangle) of the month. I hear about cookies and pretzels for snack time and riding the bikes on the playground. However, today was the first day I've heard about another kid in his class. Before we were even in the car he announces, "I invited Abby to come to my birthday party. You need to call her Mom."

I did one of those confused-dog head tilts and asked for the rest of the story. Apparently Patriot plays with Abby and Hannah the most. He's nice to both of them, but Abby has light hair and was wearing a green shirt (his favorite color) so he invited her to his birthday party. OK.

I have my first Parents Auxiliary meeting tomorrow morning, so I'll have to try to find Abby's mom. I'm also trying to find someone who lives nearby and can carpool with me. I had no understanding how much time would be spent dropping off and picking up my child from preschool. It is seriously an hour a day, and that's if I manage to get out of the parking lot before the elementary school lets out. Trust me, I made that mistake last week and don't plan to repeat it!

Another thing I did not expect: How much Azlan misses Patriot during the afternoon. He spends the afternoon saying "Where's Payiet?" and "Aya go scoo too?" The first day he was beside himself as we pulled out of the parking lot with Patriot's carseat empty. We spent so much time prepping Patriot to start school, I never even thought about prepping Azlan, too.

It's hard to believe we've started the 20-year journey through education. I'm expecting many more unexpected adventures!
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  1. JTapp Says:

    He looks so grown up! That's a cute story about Azlan.
    I loved preschool. Some of my preschool classmates are my Facebook friends now. Very fun times.