These have been the rules of our family lately:

1. You may not shoot out your car window.
2. Never punch a dragon.
3. No skydiving off the top of the stairs.
4. Don't hit your brother in the head, face, or ears.
5. You have to finish your french fries before you can have candy.
6. No more hanging from the garage door.

I'm such a good parent.
Here are some pics of old-fashioned fall fun. We had a hilarious time playing in the leaves with Toodles (AKA Spaz Dog)! And the boys each had their fall parties at school (I actually helped organize Azlan's, thus more pics). Enjoy!

I was the safest trick-or-treater this year because I was accompanied by Batman (Patriot), Spiderman (Azlan), and Superman (Cousin Caedmon). I love Halloween in this neighborhood because everyone sets up in their yards and it's like a giant block party. SO much fun!

We went hiking at a local nature preserve with some friends. Boys had never hiked before and weren't quite sure why we were doing this. It was a pretty cold day, and being so outdoorsy, I wasn't sure why we were doing it either. But we ended up having a great time and plan to go back!