This is the final post in my series about our first trip to Disney World. I shared what I learned for any other newbie families out there. The Disney experts in my life are Kathy and Debra, so check in with them if you're looking for info that I don't have here. Comment or find me on Twitter if you have any suggestions or questions.

After a week at Disney, reentry into the real world can be tough. Both of my kids got sick, with fevers as high as 104. We all took 4-hour naps that weekend. And the piles of laundry were overwhelming. I only have three tips:
  1. Give yourself a couple of days if at all possible. We returned on a Friday, so we still had Saturday and Sunday to recover before work Monday.
  2. Spend lots of time enjoying your pics. We loaded them all on the computer and started editing them right away to compile them for a photo book. (BTW, when you enter your Photopass number, you might find you're missing a couple of pics. Find the place to submit a request and Disney will look for your missing pics for you! And they found ours! I was so excited!)
  3. Start planning your next trip to Disney. I predict we have a window of about 5-7 years that our family will be excited about Disney. After that, I'm afraid we'll have outgrown the magic. I intend to take my children to Disney as often as possible while we're in that window.
Enjoy the Magic!

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