Our family just returned from our first trip to Disney World and we had a wonderful time! We learned a ton and I researched for hours before we left. Over the next few posts, I want to share what I learned for any other newbie families out there. The Disney experts in my life are Kathy and Debra, so check in with them if you're looking for info that I don't have here.

We scheduled our trip to coincide with Hollywood Studio's annual Star Wars Weekend. I grew up on Star Wars, and the force is strong with my younglings, so we knew we'd enjoy it!
The gate to the park was well-guarded:
There were many younglings anxious to demonstrate their saber skills while waiting for Jedi Training:

Our younglings worked hard during Padawan Jedi Training:

And Padawan Patriot was ready to battle Darth Maul:
We met many of our Star Wars heroes:

We enjoyed a wonderful Star Wars parade, played Padawan Mind Games, rode Star Tours twice, and ended the day dancing at Hyperspace Hoopla:

May the force be with you!
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2 Responses
  1. John Says:

    That just has to be the coolest thing ever!

  2. John Says:

    That just has to be the coolest thing ever!