A few weeks ago we took a family trip to a nearby horse race track: Keeneland. Having grown up in Central Kentucky, Matt and I both enjoy a day at the race track. I love the pageantry and the beautiful animals. Matt loves the excitement and the chance of the game. Patriot loves to cheer and make friends with everyone sitting around us. So when we go to Keeneland it's an all-day affair.

When this spring's racing season started, however, I was nursing Azlan. The idea of nursing in the stands, sitting elbow to elbow with someone else, stressed me out a little, so I decided I'd walk back out to the car when feeding times rolled around. I wasn't excited about the idea. Like most sporting arenas, the parking lot is sprawling so a hike out there and back would not be quick. But I'm a mom and mom's are tough, so I'd sacrifice for my Baby One, knowing that this is only for a season.

Matt decided not to let me play the martyr and got on the Keeneland website to see what he could find. Under the "Frequently Asked Questions" section, it actually suggested that breastfeeding moms use the First Aid station. What a great idea!

I tried it out that day and had the most pleasant time! There was a clean sink for washing hands, a soft bed to change his diaper, and all the privacy I needed. The friendly medical workers were bored (thankfully) and could hardly wait to dote on him once his belly was full!

So, all you nursing moms out there, next time you find yourself with a hungry baby at a sporting arena, amusement park, airport, or shopping mall, find the nearest First Aid station. You'll be glad you did!
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