I hate being a bag lady when I leave the house, so I always try to condense all the stuff into one bag. Because of this, I tend to change bags often, switching from my purse to the pool bag to the boys' backpacks, etc. However, I've run into a lot of trouble when my phone or my debit card slides into the bottom of the bag. I often don't see it when unpacking and repacking the next bag. I've actually been caught at the check-out line of Target with no way to pay!

My solution cost me $25 and has saved me tons of headache: Pouchee. Pouchee is a small purse organizer with pockets and slots for everything. There's a place for your phone, sunglasses, keys, pen, credit/library/insurance cards, lipstick, and more. I actually don't have enough stuff to fill all the pockets!

When changing bags, you just pick up Pouchee and drop it into the new bag. You always have everything. Now that's smart.
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  1. Amy Says:

    Ok, sweet! I took your advice and I love it!!!!! Good call!

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    however, it's mostly just random thoughts and youth ministry stuff, but hey...maybe you'll like it.