10. They finally found the source of that smell: a sippy cup of milk under the seat.
9. A Happy Meal toy just rolled across the floorboard and is lodged under the gas pedal.
8. Can't find the "Dora's Danceparty" CD that we need to listen to right now.
7. Who ever expected those Lofthouse cookies to crumble so quickly?
6. Screaming baby -- can't find the pacifier.
5. Busy playing pretend basketball.
4. The oldest is throwing paper wads at the baby.
3. The baby is choking on paper wads.
2. "Can't you hold it just a few more minutes until we get home?"
1. All the kids are asleep and Mom is enjoying the peace.
3 Responses
  1. Matt McKee Says:

    Very funny. Great post. I thought you were staying home all day. I guess you had some time in our "SUV".

  2. Amy Says:

    Ummm, ok, I guess I'll stop cussing and honking at it!
    Hey, glad you're blogging...maybe I'll pick up some tips for the future! :)

  3. Amy Says:
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