Matt was gone on a trip with the youth group this weekend. Instead of just sitting around waiting for Daddy to come home, I thought, "why not take the boys on a big adventure?" So we picked up Grandma and Grandpa and headed to Knoxville, TN to see my sister and her husband.

Overall, we had a nice visit. We relaxed, played games, ate a lot, and enjoyed each other's company. My sister's in-laws were out of town and generously let us stay in their beautiful townhouse, so it was a little like being at home (much better for the boys than staying in a hotel!).

Our trip took a turn for the worse on our way home. We were about an hour into our 4-hour car ride when Patriot started coughing. Something in my head told me this sounded like his pre-throw-up cough and I should probably get ready for the worst. But I ignored that little voice -- and lived to regret it. Patriot threw up all over the backseat and we were totally unprepared. No bucket or bag to throw up into. No towels or products to clean the mess. No tarps or ponchos to protect the rest of us. Nothing.

My dad was driving and pulled into the nearest gas station. I carried Patriot into the bathroom to clean him up and change his clothes. Meanwhile, my mom stood in 20-degree weather to comfort the screaming baby and clean the backseat with paper towels and water. There is no end to a grandmother's will.

We continued on and had several more "episodes." I chronicled our trip on the following map. I've got to give Dad some props. He kept driving through the entire thing. His sheer determination got us home through a very difficult trip.

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Now, a day later, both boys are doing better. They had popsicles (what else?) for lunch and some chocolate milk and applesauce for dinner, and no throwing up all day. I managed to clean the car and get the messiest of the laundry done today. So we're almost puke-free.

We ended up having more of an adventure than I'd bargained for, but it's all right now.
4 Responses
  1. Starr Says:

    I am SO IMPRESSED that you can already inject some humor into this post! The map is awesome. We were headed from Dallas to Tulsa at Christmas one year; two hours into the trip my oldest started throwing up. We just turned around and went back home. (By the way, I've been reading your blog a few weeks now. Hi.) :-)

  2. John Says:

    The map is hilarious. I've never seen THAT pinpointed before.

  3. Matt McKee Says:

    There are many reasons that I love you and this just goes to show one more. You are an incredible mom and a wonderful wife. Thank you for taking care of the boys so much. They don't know how blessed they are.

  4. Joni Says:

    I thought the same thing, Dad. I've never seen a Puke Route mapped out before! GoogleMaps must be so proud... :) Sorry about the trauma it took to come visit me! (Or maybe I should say, Let that be a lesson to you about going home too soon!) I'm glad you made it home and that everybody seems to be doing better today.