I intentionally named this blog "Blessed Mom" because I wanted to force myself to focus on the joys of being a Mommy, through the good and bad days. Nobody wants to read my whines and complaints, so I decided I would just avoid whining and complaining (on this blog, at least -- don't ask my husband about the other times!).

Today, I will disregard those intentions.

Can anyone tell me why there is a public restroom anywhere in the country that doesn't have a changing table? I am especially frustrated with restaurants, Wendy's in particular. Why would a restaurant offer kid's meals, special "under 3" toys, high chairs, and not have changing tables in their bathrooms? I think that's absurd. And gas stations. Everyone knows that people stop at gas stations to use the restroom. Why would any gas station not have changing tables?

I did a quick Google search and found that the Sturdy Stations and Koala Bear fold down changing tables are sold for about $200. Seriously. You will not convince me that cost is the deciding factor. And since they fold down, they don't take up too much physical space in the restroom.

I think it's high time we mothers of the country unite. I say we vote for the presidential candidate who is willing to take a stand on the real issue that affects our daily lives: changing tables in public restrooms.
2 Responses
  1. I used to stress about it, but I now take it as full license to change them wherever I darn well please... If they don't like poop smell in their dining room or poopy diapers in their trash cans, spend $200! :) I do try to be discreet for other people eating there, but I do NOT feel guilty!

  2. JTapp Says:

    You could write your Congressman and Senator today and suggest that they pass legislation providing a tax credit to reimburse businesses that install these in their bathrooms. That might encourage the process. Seriously, you could write the email right now.

    You could even push for legislation (more likely at the state level) that mandates that all restaurants have changing tables. (That is a more liberal way of doing it).