Has anyone else noticed that the popsicle seems to be the cure for any childhood illness? I few months back, my oldest had surgery and the nurses at the hospital gave him popsicles in the recovery room. They made him feel much better. The weekend before Christmas, the same child had some kind of stomach bug and couldn't keep anything down -- except popsicles. (He even threw up water! I didn't know that was possible!) Now my youngest has had a fever for several days. What makes him happy? A popsicle, of course.

Is there a class in medical school about this: Popsicles 101, maybe?

The Popsicle was accidentally invented in 1905 by an 11-year-old boy named Frank Epperson, who left a cup and a stick out on the porch overnight. (Is anyone shocked to learn that some kid left his stuff out? Imagine the popsicle-less world we'd have today if his mother had cleaned up after him! Maybe my kids will someday invent something new by leaving their toys all over the floor.) Later, in 1928, the same kid was running a lemonade stand and realized he could sell these things, at the time called "Epsicles." He changed the name to Popsicles, got a patent, and a new American classic was born.

According to the website, there are 30 varieties of Popsicles currently available. Our family only cares about 2: the Fudgsicle and the Red/White/Blue Firecracker. But do you remember creamsicles and those push-up pops? Now that brings back memories of sticky summer afternoons.

So, heres to Frank Epperson, American ingenuity, and the healing powers of Popsicles!
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  1. Jessica Says:

    So, Azlan and I just got back from the drs office and they gave us the old "wait and see" treatment plan.

    That is the most frustrating thing. I go to the dr because I want him to tell me something I can do to make my kid better. Instead he tells me that A will probably have a fever for another couple of days and then break out in a rash. We can give Tylenol for the fever. Now that will be $20, please.

    I should have spent my $20 on Popsicles.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    LOL... I've gotten to where we skip the doctor unless it is something insane... for that very reason! Good new post! :)