Patriot started public kindergarten two weeks ago. Here's a link to video of him getting on the bus. Since school started, I've learned a few things like:
  1. never show up to a PTA function without your checkbook
  2. the school supply list is not comprehensive, you will need more stuff
  3. discuss rules for sharing DS games before the first day
  4. it's OK for the bus to be late to the bus stop, but not for us to be late
I've also had a few conversations with Patriot that I hadn't anticipated. At dinner after the third day of school, Patriot casually asked me, "Mom, when are you and Daddy going to break up and marry other people?" I assured him that his family was secure, but I was a little stunned he had already noticed such a difference with other families. After thinking for a bit, I realized we haven't had much divorce/remarriage in our immediate circle of influence, so I guess we've just not talked about it.

People keep asking me how I'm doing with him starting school. Of course, I miss him during the day and pray often for his safety, but the most shocking thing is sending him out into the world without me. I'm used to being the protective cushion that guards him from concepts and experiences I deem inappropriate. I'm used to being the filter through which he experiences life. Suddenly, he has to create his own filter.

Fortunately, he's really good about telling me things when I ask the right questions. So our ride home tends to be filled with a question/answer that eventually leads us to conversations like the one about step-parents. Listening to how he views the world and helping him start to develop his filter has been the greatest joy of the last few weeks.
3 Responses
  1. JDTapp Says:

    I learned more on school bus rides than I ever did in school...

  2. Joni Says:

    Wow, sister! In all my prayers and fears for Patriot in going to school, I never even thought about all the information about the world that he'd pick up from the other kids. I'm proud of you for handling it well, and I'm glad you're establishing a relationship of openness with your kids. I'm adding this to my prayer list!

  3. Lydia Brown Says:

    I work in public school kindergarten and often don't want to even think about Cora going to public school...she's already in public pre K just down the road. HOWEVER, I think what you're doing is definitely commendable---being open to Patriot and discussing why other people are different from what he knows. I wish more parents were like you guys. I find what helps me most is knowing that even in public schools, there are Christian teachers and students who are still being brought up in families who love the Lord. Thanks for sharing this, Jessica