Our church has partnered with a Christian foster care organization to match Christian foster parents, support communities, and kids in need. They announced this partnership several weeks ago at church and I instantly got excited. For years, I've had a heart for families in desperate times and wanted a chance to physically help kids in need. Of course, I started having kids of my own and a baby or toddler's needs became all-encompassing. Maybe this was finally my chance!

I attended the orientation class last week and came home ready to sign up, but I knew Matt would be hesitant. We talked through the details and particulars, determining that it really could work (the support system this organization provides is very helpful!). Seemed like the biggest hurdle is fitting another kid in my car. We agreed that we should sleep on it and not make any decisions for a couple of days.

I woke up the next day and drove to work feeling certain I had an answer from God. But it wasn't the answer I expected, so I argued with Him a little bit. But arguing with God rarely nets anything but frustration, so I quickly abandoned that effort and accepted God's answer -- even though I still don't understand it. Matt and I talked and, fortunately, he was hearing the same thing from God: wait.

We've always taught the kids that God gives one of three answers to our requests: yes, no, or wait. "Wait" might be the hardest answer to hear. I feel ready to help these kids. I feel like our family could really make a difference. I feel like Matt and I are right now uniquely situated to invest in a child more deeply that we could as children's pastor. I feel like this could be why God has me right here. But God clearly said "not right now."

So, for now, I'll sign up for one of the support communities and help where I can. And I'll wait for God's green light to make a difference.
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